Petal like gown, a new skin and some lip

Nautical Stripes

This striped skirt will take you from beach to lunch to dinner and dance


Tied at the waist and paired with a flirty miniskirt

Three from Ghee

She was still watching the partial eclipse when it was time to rush home. Running in comfy lace-up boots, her vintage dress, swayed with every step she took. She finally made it home and hurriedly dressed up for her date in a caftan like top that exposed part of her smooth, bare midriff. She went…

He Came Looking for You

¨He left looking for you¨ – said Francis.  This answer perplexed her. She had taken so many winding paths,  so many twists and turns that she no longer knew exactly where she was. Style Info: A little Rock, a bit of Prince and a touch of Flamenco all wrapped into one. Waist high shorts, worn belted on…