The Appeal of the Shirt

A versatile shirt worn as a swimsuit cover-up for lazy, at home Sundays

The Wall

The message below,  in Alicia Keys´ short film, reads clear. It´s a valid viewpoint and perspective irregardless of the place we inhabit in the world. Let Me In – We are Here Alicia Keys – Short Film Style Info Pic 1 An inverted triangle swimsuit maillot. Strapless and printed in fantastic animal prints. It is cinched on the…

Zap, Boom, Pow … BOOM!!!!

Holy Shirt! Pink Rayne is best known for her feminine, fun, tongue in cheek approach to design. We can say that she is the epitome of the youth quake in SL no matter what your age.   Her designs are trendy, affordable and deliriously girly. Colorful & sensual with a little bit of crazy fun thrown…

Beach Bunny Come Back

Happy 2013  All ! SL Resort – Naturum Island   He got 10 Garfish out of  his fishing trip,  he said.  This single comment took me back in time.   Along with the release of the RTW (Ready -To -Wear) Cruise Fashion Collections, I got to spend New Year´s Week at the beach every year….