There are just so many things that I could share with all of you right now, but I think the most important one is that this post is in a way a closure. 

I am, taking – much needed – vacations until January 15th. 

I want to thank each and everyone of you for every post you read, liked and for each time you followed. You have been amazing!

I thank those who have sponsored me throughout these years, starting with Giz Seorn, who believed in me way before I could pay her brand any real tributes or honours, and who never ceases to surprise me with her sense of fashion and magnificent textures and details. 

Ghee, for their caring friendship, beautiful clothes and their uncanny ability to create wardrobe capsules that are a thrill to mix and match or mismatch. 

Byrne, for her punkish touch of glam femininity and its ability to wow me with her quirky sense of fashion, every time.

Finally, I want to thank  Smesh for it´s take on affordable sexy fashion that is a delight to wear, and for allowing me the freedom to ¨choose¨ in spite of the fact that she is my true SL sister. Always have been and always will be.

I cherish you all, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Heartfelt Blessings to all during this holiday season.

I hope to see you soon. Cheers my friends!

Style Info

Pic 1 Giz Seorn – Fa La Lala Gacha Rudolf Brown Rare #1 + Camel Pompoms #6 + Sweater Print 2 #20 + Head PomPoms Exclusive @ The Epiphany Holiday Round. CPD – Holiday Earrings. SG – Domus Ring. 

Pic 2Ghee –  Shimmering Emerald Gown (available in golden and red). Giz Seorn – Fa la lala Gacha PomPoms #3. Chop Zuey  -Immanuel´s Mystery Ring + Ling-ling  Prp Bracelet. Truth – Apple Hair. CPD – Holiday Earrings. ChicChica – Champagne Bento Glass.


Forgotten Choices

Decisions we make when we still don´t have the answers

and don´t even know the questions.

And yet they have the power to change the course of our very lives.

Future Islands – Like the Moon

Style Info

Pic 1 – Silk stretch, high waist leggings in a beautiful geometrical print, worn over a cropped, long sleeved, high-neck pull. Available in several colors.  The set comes with dark glasses and a pair of flat ´Doc Martens´ like boots. Ghee – Barcode Sweat Top + Retro Print Stretch Leggings + Hipster17 Shades . Hair by LambLiziaah – Ring. Ryca – Earrings.

Pic 2 & 3 – A stripped, ´A´ cut,  chemisier dress that is cinched at the waist. Available in several beautiful fruity like colors that are perfect for spring.  Ghee – Dora Dress in Niagara + Strapped Wedges with Texture Change HUD @ Designer Showcase 5 – 31st March.  Vero Modero – Bubbles Necklace. Hair by Lamb. B&W – Divina Sunglasses.

Smile for Me



The smiles and sorrows of those I love are mine as well.  

My spirit smiles only if their hearts can sing.

It seems to me that lately I keep coming across more and more items (of clothing and otherwise) with such attention to detail and hints of reality in their construction and design that they make more rudimentary SL items seem well, rudimentary. I use this word and not old because the other day I dug back up a Lelutka ponytail attachment from my inventory that is circa 2009 and still it looks perfect nowdays.

It´s definitely not a matter of age and not even of the technology available – the ponytail was made out of 100% prims – but of attention to detail and quality of workmanship.  My admiration goes to all who do!

Style Info – Case in Point:

The oversized knit sweater above and below with its big cowl neckline and leather leggings that reflect the quality hue of the light.

Simple, chic; clean and understated elegance.   Nothing else required when items are this good.  The shoes I´m wearing are the next big thing:  They come in Slink, Maitreya and TMP mesh body feet versions all at the same time!


Gizza – Oversized Knit Top in Black.  Leather Leggings in Stone. Available in an array of different colors to mix and match.  Each sweater set comes with a 3 color HUD.  Glamistry – Sandals.  Maitreya – Mesh Body.  Shi – Earrings

Like a Beautiful Smile – Sting