The Goddess Is Back


Choice Trilogy

Byrne´s two choices for January plus a VIP gift and important news from Maitreya!

Fringed Laced Angels, Chained and Gone

Landing to assess the situation Tiny old flames were involved. By letting go of struggles she was able to dissolve those chains once more. Then carefully repeating what they chanted she stormed out and then woke up. Lulu Gainsbourg – L`Eau à La Bouche Style Info Pic 1 – 60s inspired outfit with and open vest and low slung skirt,…


Opposite polarities, engaging in an irresistible dance of unstoppable attraction. Within the parallel and sweet continuum of our dimensional life, it seems that this is how it´s meant to be. The Beloved – Sweet Harmony Style Info Pic 1 Flirty, skirt sitting low on the waist and high on the thighs. Paired with a criss-cross, halter…