How Cool Is That?

A group gift


I´ve been full of seemingly random thoughts all day. Disconnected conclusions, explanations, realizations, and I ´ve enjoyed the ride. But then, a single memory invaded me when I started writing this blog –  which was initially, about an entirely different topic. It all goes to show how the subconscious mind works; connecting the seemingly disconnected….

Shooting in The Dark

¨You are so obviously wrong that I can´t possibly be right. For everything else there is always any other form and side of extremism waving its ugly head from one end, ´till the end.¨ L.C Moby – Extreme Ways Style Info Pic 1 This gown has already been shown in several facets and different takes during its…


Eventually we all lose our ¨falsies.¨ They fall, then roll on the ground and blow ! Samba de la Muerte – You´ll Never Know When I lie Style Info Pic 1 Silk jersey, sleeveless mini dress with a dropped cowled neckline held down from underneath with a weight in haute couture style. The dress comes in different…


Whispered something in your ear a perverted thing to say but I said it anyway Made you smile & Look away (From the song below) Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby Style Info Pic 1 I got this dress a while ago but never got around to wear it. I was quite…