Separates are Best

An update to Giz Seorn´s Montana Outfit and how to win free items from Azoury France


The beautiful allure of a formal skirt worn with a sexy top and news of a photo contest.


This week has played like a continuation of last. Things breaking up in RL including water pipes. Home flooding.  An Allergy to cement that has completely  lowered my defenses and sent me to bed. In SL the scenario played much she same on that equivalence. My FPS dropping down to 5 in my home after…

Ending The Game of Words

In the closed up environment within a society that tries to exert control thru the careful manipulation of opinions, more often than not,  some have the courtesy and respect to not pay attention to gossip – televised or not. When in doubt,  they usually excuse themselves with the protagonist and ask him or her directly if the rumor´s  true or not.  They…