Going Where?

Searching again
In vain
For fat-free donuts

On the other side of the square

Style Info

Pic 1 & 2 – Stripped skinny jeans paired with a cropped, long sleeve jumper. The triangle, wrap-around scarf with its delicate black and white print is included in the outfit as well as the chic ankle boots. !!Smesh – Mina Outfit. SG – Domus Ring. Ghee – Crystal Pearl Gumball Earrings + SS17 Croc Tote. Hair in this story by Navy and Cooper (Parfait).

Pic 3 – Plaid, blouse and skirt, worn under an off-the-shoulder ribbed jumper. The print of the blouse and skirt  plus the colour of the jumper can be changed via HUD. !!Smesh – Plaid Dress. Izzy – Basic Tights applier.

Pic 4 – These loose boots come with a HUD that allows us to calibrate the exact colour we want on the boot, the sole and the heel. !!Smesh – Loose Boots.


We Grab Back

What´s Up Pussy (cat?)

What´s Up Pussy (cat) ?

Irregardless of our political ideas and views we have to admit there is no stronger force than women´s sticking and standing together across the world. The feminine aspect finally overtaking, permeating it all and manifesting as one.

Hats off to women around the world and to those men who march with them every single day of their lives.

As seen around the world:

Je Suis Nasty.        Re Sis T.

No To Racism.       I´m Marching for My Daughter.

This Pussy Grabs Back.

Choose Love.           More Love Less Hate.

A Woman´s Place is in The Resistance (Princess Leia)

The Women Strike Back.

….Fight Like a Girl!        Watch Out, Here Comes Angry Pussy.

Grab Me If You Can@Angry Pussy …

Vive La Resistance!

We may be gentle, we may be kind, but this only makes us stronger!

Interesting news … Climate Data Downloaded. 

Jai Ho – A.R. Rahman. Ft. The Pussycat Dolls

Style Info

Luxuriously textured skinny jeans with grommet details topped with a cropped, turtleneck sweater with extra long sleeves. Both are available in several colors and in sizes for several mesh bodies. The cap is reminiscent of the now ubiquitous kitty hats worn during the Women´s Marches yesterday.

Liziaah – Mesh Skinny Jeans + Mesh Crop Sequin Sweater  in Black (and in Metal soon on Flickr). Liziaah – Chandelier Earrings + L´Art Ring in silver. Wasabi Pills – Hair + Hat.