X-Rayed and Full of Flowers

Strapless romper, mini-suit with a flowered x-ray motif and a bony choker

Sexy Mimmi

A super short, strapless romper with colour and transparency change

Same Blue Sun

  Sometimes there´s nothing we can do but watch them walk away,  shut down empty our former childhood home, comforted in the fact that we are still roaming peacefully under the same blue sun. L.C Morten Harket – Brother Style Info Pic 1 Asymmetrical strapless jumpsuit in beautiful batik like fabric.  Available in several colors….

Full Colors

The only full vivid color dreams I ever have are those about Second Life or about people I know in SL just like my RL memories are before and after the revolution.   The ones I keep of times during that particular hiatus are all in black and white. Style Info: I love the vivid colors…


What more can I say other than Hair Fair Fever began today? You may want to join their Demo Group in world so you can try the styles before hand without having to rez them on site.  I am planning on visiting it later if I find the stamina to try – and try again –  to get into the…

Romper Stumper

One emerging trend in the SL Fashion forefront is the jumpsuit or romper this season. Concocted in diaphanous fabrics or sultry embroidery, every brand seems to have their own version of the trend. Although its form renders it slightly less versatile than other options – after all its a one piece – at the same time it offers…