Postcards from the 60s

This is the first of a three part blog on Ghee´s capsule collection inspired by the swinging sixties for the Vintage Fair


The beautiful allure of a formal skirt worn with a sexy top and news of a photo contest.


My beautiful readers, browsers, friends and Sponsors … I´m taking a thirty-day break from blogging so that I can tend to … LIFE; all of them!!! After my vacation is up my Flickr will become my preferred blogging medium. For seven years, I´ve been blogging and writing, never taking a break. Almost eight years ago…

Laced Transparency and One Set of Jeans

… Once knowledge is acquired. Truce or no truce; that is the question… Talk to me louder because I can´t see. Her – Swim.  Official Video Ft. Zefire Style Info Pic 1 Lady like, strapless, bi-color, lace dress in a dégradé pattern with a matching twilly tied around the neck.  Byrne – Hollywood Lace Dress in White…

Bon Courage Cheryl

Always remember to jump right back into the midst of light, for they miss you when you are gone. Style Info Pic 1 & 3 An outfit that is great for it´s ease, edge and its ability to make us look well put together with minimal effort. The short coat dress with rolled up sleeves, comes…