Leather Yell

The contradictory allure of a leather and lace, studded dress.

Long Legs

Legs, legs, legs. Two heels and a boot


A babydoll dress good enough to party in

Ghee SS17 Collection

Ghee has released part of their SS17 Collection and –  as its typical of them –  it consists of several separate pieces that work together in order to create a functional wardrobe most like RL. All are available in several colors and sizes. The cropped camisole, reminiscent of early 21st century ´Theory´, has a lace-over-knit…


Skinny silky stretched pants topped by a short little trench coat like top. The pants have rivets along  the sides.  The coat is belted with a silver buckle. Lush by Coco – Must Haves Slither Royal shoes.  Riveted Coat in Royal.  Riveted Pants in Cobolt. Kunglers – Jewelry.  Hucci – Clutch The pumps have internal…