“Mon Tout”

My Everything


The range of our strength is unknown until we are forced to make a choice that leads us towards a different set of possibilities. With a lot of catching up to do I´m getting back into gear with this particular outfit from Ghee, which, as usual, offers us a very wide range of options. This is a…

I Won´t Play Your Games

Somebody asked me last week why I was being so nice to them. My answer was, ¨because like Wendy Mass once said, we are each fighting our own battles of which I know nothing about and I respect that.¨ Now here I am this week, very torn today between the video I would choose for this post….

Mythe et Réalité (Myth and Reality)

Taking a firm stand and loving our enemies is not mutually exclusive. L.C If I don´t  post today, I will never post again and the inaction and  feelings of impotence will soon bury me, taking over. These pictures were captured last Thursday and I was to post them on Friday, November the 13th, 2015.  However, after having frantically searched…