Dandy Gal

The ´dandy´ femininity of an embellished suit

Dandy Girl

Although surely inspired by men´s tailoring, the Dandy Girl look is not androgynous. The neckline is an open invitation to highlight our femininity. The result is an interesting juxtaposition of sorts; as elegant, playful or melodramatic as one wishes it to be. This Gacha outfit, comes in 20 jacket options – 3 of them rare…

Up in Space

A Versace-esque gown, a shopping spree and two dates in inner space.

Over It!

I may always be late, But I´m FREE. We Get Out of Cages When We Get Over It. NALA DESIGNS and its Owner  ᑥ ĕŁĨƝŁŁ ᗩŁĕɱ (celinll) presents  this outfit for the July´s  campaign of ” Noli Me Tangere group! Do not touch me! ” Against violence towards women. This outfit has been specially created to spread…


What more can I say other than Hair Fair Fever began today? You may want to join their Demo Group in world so you can try the styles before hand without having to rez them on site.  I am planning on visiting it later if I find the stamina to try – and try again –  to get into the…