Holding my breath in Siobhán

Party Hopper

A retro print and plunging neckline to hop from one universe to the next

Neo Dagmar

Harnessed and dressed plus a skimpy neon

Cosmic Ways

Byrne – On9 Exclusive Rosette Outfit in Teal Giz Seorn – Kendall Boots in Black. PinkRayne – Pout Lippie in Soft. Byrne – Dayglo Jacket and Shorts in Lime. Charm – Fearis Collar Shi – Medusozoa Hair. PinkRayne – Rock n Roll Face Tattoo + Pout Lippie in Cosmic.


Whispered something in your ear a perverted thing to say but I said it anyway Made you smile & Look away (From the song below) Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby Style Info Pic 1 I got this dress a while ago but never got around to wear it. I was quite…

Same Blue Sun

  Sometimes there´s nothing we can do but watch them walk away,  shut down empty our former childhood home, comforted in the fact that we are still roaming peacefully under the same blue sun. L.C Morten Harket – Brother Style Info Pic 1 Asymmetrical strapless jumpsuit in beautiful batik like fabric.  Available in several colors….