The Colour of the Sea

A VIP gift in the colour of the sea


All grown up and lady like with a rebel yell

Healing The Healers

When the Healer needed healing there was not one to be found. Those not responsible lingered, the ones who were, dropped her side. Until at last she remembered they had all been left behind. All of their masks keep on falling for  truth is better like that. The Chainsmokers – Setting Fires (Accoustic Version) Style Info Pic 1…

The Shape of Things To Come

Those Boring Angels. See, right? A tiny, liquid gold cloth secured in all the right places with a buckle that is almost reminiscent of a musical note.  The shoulders are covered in feathers. Sexy in extreme, yet  it manages to remain elegant and sophisticated.  This is the gold version of the dress, but it is also available…