Our Favourite Guys

Menswear Fashion Week opens up to the public today.  Please refer to our previous post for a calendar of activities. Click here for a landmark to the event. Style Info Lyrical Bizarre Templates – Carter Outfit.  All proceeds for this sale goes to benefit Relay for Life!    

Music Oasis

I played the  recorder or Dulce Flauti (Sweet Flute)  while looking out the window from my room and loving the medieval feel of this wooden instrument and the sweet, almost imperceptible sound it made and I dressed and styled myself back then very much like I did above.  For a while it was my refuge and…


Lyrical Bizarre Templates  – Torn Mesh Dress.  A beautiful black and white art design dress.  Monastical yes, but it also has a tender, fragile quality with touches of artistic imagination.  Available at Sneak Peek until February 5th.  Zibska – Necklace.  7891 – Ring.  Truth – Hair    

Noodle Thorpe

  Rose petal chest shield/stole and headpiece in the deepest, bloodiest red.  Great worn over a gown, a bodysuit or on its own. Lyrical B!zarre Templates – Thorpe Set (Chest piece + Headpiece). Available at the Jewelry and Accessory Expo. G/C –  Elvira Body Suit The perfect boots to counterbalance the sweetness of the rose…