Cosmic Ways

Byrne – On9 Exclusive Rosette Outfit in Teal Giz Seorn – Kendall Boots in Black. PinkRayne – Pout Lippie in Soft. Byrne – Dayglo Jacket and Shorts in Lime. Charm – Fearis Collar Shi – Medusozoa Hair. PinkRayne – Rock n Roll Face Tattoo + Pout Lippie in Cosmic.

Carbon 12

Protons, electrons, neutrons, in a token of nature. The Light encased, in a  threefold map, never to be lost again. Style Info A short parka-like dress worn under a cropped, long sleeved sweater that I wished I had for my ¨almost¨ carbon 12, RL body.  The outfit also gives you the option to wear the…