Subdued Geometry

One New Gift and a Hunt

Ghee SS17 Collection

Ghee has released part of their SS17 Collection and –  as its typical of them –  it consists of several separate pieces that work together in order to create a functional wardrobe most like RL. All are available in several colors and sizes. The cropped camisole, reminiscent of early 21st century ´Theory´, has a lace-over-knit…

Flick your Wings Together and Glow

All the love in the world; the single force moving this universe, half contained in a single orb of light, spinning ´round then bouncing right back up. It´s  Light reflected from within, once more. Coldplay – Everglow Style Info Pic 1 The gown redone for christmas in a tartan print. Twin poinsettias crown the head and chest….

Quick Exits

Is this were you live ? She asked. They were different, she knew it, but nothing had prepared her for the deep abyss that had begun to plunge deeper between them. A few years before she had travelled far and wide looking for answers, embarking on an endless external quest for that which could only live…

Safe Harbours. Mirrored Lights

At the dead end point, just in time to face a more mature reality, I arrived at the most forgotten harbour. With a clearer vision and a purer heart, toughened up and sharp, but still open … giving, I knew I was home. Shedding off the skin of the empty walls, wounded healers stand never looking back; arriving…