Dandy Gal

The ´dandy´ femininity of an embellished suit


Family Portrait

Un certain air de famille (A certain family resemblance) Quelque Chose de Magique Style Info Witchy and unglitchy, magical looking jacket in a web print. Paired with a tiered jupon type skirt, it is the perfect ensemble for high flying around the moonlit sky over just about any SIM  👻 👻 👻 BYRNE –  Webby Jacket October Group…

Dandy Girl

Although surely inspired by men´s tailoring, the Dandy Girl look is not androgynous. The neckline is an open invitation to highlight our femininity. The result is an interesting juxtaposition of sorts; as elegant, playful or melodramatic as one wishes it to be. This Gacha outfit, comes in 20 jacket options – 3 of them rare…