L´Alma di la Madonna

Beautiful pieces from Vintage Jewels.  Spanning all styles, from the most traditional to the baroque, they are certainly a magnificent option for any versatile wardrobe.  Available at the J&A Expo. Style info. Pic#1 VJ –  Alma complete set in gold. Pic#2 VJ – Madonna Advertisements


The tropical wilderness comes alive in this accessory set from Lazuri. Beautiful exotic blooms are enhanced with delicate gemstones making the wearer feel part of the exotic exuberance. Lazuri – Mio Set in Purple Hibiscus (Headpieces, Snake Necklace, Bracelets, Arm Bangles and Rings).  Available at the J&A Expo. Ghee – Manicure  

Jungle Love, Deep Lyrics & Jumo

¨I met you on somebody’s island You thought you had known me before I brought you a crate of papaya They waited all night by your door You probably wouldn’t remember I probably couldn’t forget Jungle love in the surf in the pouring rain Everything’s better when wet But lately you live in the jungle…