Backstage Pass

One of them was the real one; the other, only a mirror image, but he did always have trouble telling them apart. He looked for the bottles but she kept them hidden in the most gloriously un-expected places. Christina Aguilera – Ain´t No Other Man Style Info Pic one The headpiece´s shape is reminiscent of an art deco…

J&A Expo is Open!

  She watched the lanky silhouette disappear upon reaching the horizon, not knowing if she would ever see him again. She blurted out the name in her mind yet no-one heard. Style Info Almost like a display of fans upon the stage of a burlesque cabaret, these are the  perfectly exotic chandelier earrings of the sort…

Postcards from Afrika

  Aidoru – Asia Parure. An Indian inspired set of earrings, nose ring and a necklace. Baubles by Phe – Safari Bead Bangles on both arms.  Bliensen + Maitai – Strapped Shoes in Color. A truly amazing set of strap sandals in a splashy African print.  All Availabe at the J&A Expo until today.  

Plural Eclecticism

SG – Bae´s Bracers of Woe Bracelet worn on the right hand in beautiful leather like wood.   Gizza – Elephant Set.  Includes Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet in solid gold.    Pomposity – Rolled Link Necklaces in gold and silver.    True to their name, one of the best shoes ever: Yasum – Safari Wire Epic…

L´Alma di la Madonna

Beautiful pieces from Vintage Jewels.  Spanning all styles, from the most traditional to the baroque, they are certainly a magnificent option for any versatile wardrobe.  Available at the J&A Expo. Style info. Pic#1 VJ –  Alma complete set in gold. Pic#2 VJ – Madonna


The tropical wilderness comes alive in this accessory set from Lazuri. Beautiful exotic blooms are enhanced with delicate gemstones making the wearer feel part of the exotic exuberance. Lazuri – Mio Set in Purple Hibiscus (Headpieces, Snake Necklace, Bracelets, Arm Bangles and Rings).  Available at the J&A Expo. Ghee – Manicure