Meilin Under The Moon Dance

A skilled warrior, in place, unapologetic and impossible to tame. When stripped down, only her spirit´s true jewels remained.  Stars Align – Lindsey Stirling Style Info A magnificent parure of jewels with volume, intricate lines and precious materials. A design of imperial inspiration with translucent gems and unparalleled elegance.  The set comes with a size and color…

Crazy Horse

She then forced herself back into her own skin and used the golden chain as something to hold on to. The result was an anchoring of sorts and a return to her center. Enigma – The Principles of Lust Style Info: A necklace made of links and tassels meant to be worn hanging down your…

Gatsby Moon

“So I walked away and left him standing there in the moonlight, watching over nothing.” The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby – Young and Beautiful Style Info A beautiful ornamental gem of a forehead band with art deco motifs. Pearls, diamonds, feathers…everything.  The perfect accessory for it? The feminine cigarette holder….

The Core

  Exuding heartfelt empathy, the clock had stopped without her knowledge during that very night while her core had been exposed. Style Info Pic 1 An asymmetrical, short ¨chemise¨ style dress with an artsy pattern. The long sleeves are offset by the open keyhole neckline.  The form, pattern and colors make this an outstanding avant-garde dress….