Mid-Winter Blues

In Cute Winter Knits

Good Riddance

A classy cover-up for summer and a gift for your feet

Excuse Me Flower

Sexy and comfortable, this dress is available exclusively @ Swank !

Sparkle & Shine

The whole world trying, to tame the spark But we’ve got fire, burning bright, hidden Catch the shimmer of showering stars The sky gets dimmer, and your light shows The whole world trying to blind the way home But we’ve got shelter, deep inside, secret Tame the whispers of winds as they blow Feel my…

A Full Clean Install

It was a strange way to end the year for me, but I wouldn´t have expected anything less from it. How could I ? The entire holidays became the backdrop to the unconditional love we lavished more than ever before, upon a – terminally ill – beloved family member. Travel plans cancelled … willingly, happily. At least we…

Keep On Dreaming

Dreams living in our heads, held dearly in our hearts. Reality must be first imagined before it can transcend down into our physicality. Dream. Imagine. Never lose sight of a better world.   This may come easy in our early childhood until one day we wake up to realise that somewhere along the road we stopped dreaming,…