Rumpled Feathers

The feathers on the skirt, echoed in its jewellery


one of a kind shorts and top from Giz Seorn

Fringed Laced Angels, Chained and Gone

Landing to assess the situation Tiny old flames were involved. By letting go of struggles she was able to dissolve those chains once more. Then carefully repeating what they chanted she stormed out and then woke up. Lulu Gainsbourg – L`Eau à La Bouche Style Info Pic 1 – 60s inspired outfit with and open vest and low slung skirt,…

Laced Transparency and One Set of Jeans

… Once knowledge is acquired. Truce or no truce; that is the question… Talk to me louder because I can´t see. Her – Swim.  Official Video Ft. Zefire Style Info Pic 1 Lady like, strapless, bi-color, lace dress in a dégradé pattern with a matching twilly tied around the neck.  Byrne – Hollywood Lace Dress in White…