With a slit up


A babydoll dress good enough to party in


My beautiful readers, browsers, friends and Sponsors … I´m taking a thirty-day break from blogging so that I can tend to … LIFE; all of them!!! After my vacation is up my Flickr will become my preferred blogging medium. For seven years, I´ve been blogging and writing, never taking a break. Almost eight years ago…

Granted Gratitude

What happens when we are able to see that most likely, some of our past assessments  have been more than a  ¨ little¨ off ? The process can be so intense it makes me feel both, enlightened and silly; happy and sad, wised up and dumb. There are just so many things that I have taken for granted….

Quiet Openings

Grounded all weekend long in bed I  learnt that sometimes very real truths can be found in the least expected places. Perhaps I needed to stay put in order to be able to tune deeply into them. The Starseeds – Be Open Style Info Pic 1 Tiny mini skirt sitting high on the hip, with…


Opposite polarities, engaging in an irresistible dance of unstoppable attraction. Within the parallel and sweet continuum of our dimensional life, it seems that this is how it´s meant to be. The Beloved – Sweet Harmony Style Info Pic 1 Flirty, skirt sitting low on the waist and high on the thighs. Paired with a criss-cross, halter…