L O L A?

Low back, halter knit dress in 15 different prints / textures. WILD – Lola Knit Dress + Lola Sandals available at Designer Showcase. ChicChica – Sparkler Endless. KUNGLERS – Hayden rings. Stealthic – Cordova Hair.

Connie Will

Connie by Ghee. 2 separates @ Designer Showcase

Above the Universe

A Reddish Golden Light Above the Universe TobyMac – I Just Need U Style Info A departure from the usual gore, this gown puts a little sultriness into Halloween. It pairs a striking “bones” top with a heavily beaded fishtail skirt. A texture HUD for the top offers shiny black, gold and silver options. Materials…

Dark, Light,Sexy.

Not the typical burglar. Nor the typical Angel. Yet for all these reasons, she dressed up sexy, then left that circus. Shawn Hook – Reminding Me                                                      Ft. Vanessa Hudgens Style Info Pic…


One version of us exits while another one gets in. Madness – Another Version of Me Style Info Long sleeved, round neck dress with a hip high, wide slit worn over a micro mini skirt. The textured print has a barely there, subtle rose pattern providing depth and mystical interest. Pic 1 Ghee – Rosa…