Leather and Lace

Coco – Leather and Lace Maxi Skirt and Top in ivory. Shi – Journey Earring. Truth Hair – Ciara. Blueberry – Caiti Panties.

Leather Yell

The contradictory allure of a leather and lace, studded dress.


I´ve been full of seemingly random thoughts all day. Disconnected conclusions, explanations, realizations, and I ´ve enjoyed the ride. But then, a single memory invaded me when I started writing this blog –  which was initially, about an entirely different topic. It all goes to show how the subconscious mind works; connecting the seemingly disconnected….

All Wrapped Up

Nothing feels better right now than being wrapped up around the most luxurious winter knits or a pair of gorgeous manly arms. Style Info Ribbed knit turtleneck sweater dress worn under the softest pashmina wrap.  The outfit comes with the arms folded in front with one leather gloved hand holding the wrap. Each set comes with two…


When every home in the country had a resident nymph making everything green, wet and lush. Style Info: A beauty of a grown with a heavily monastic feel and cut. Draped all around, cut deep in the back with a squarish front and held together with ribbons in the same fabric of the gown. Perfect for the nymph…