Take Your Time

A halter minidress and t-shirt for your neon virtual nights


A bloody drip design outfit exclusively for the Scare me Silly Event!

Going Both Ways

Sometimes, perspective and relativity can change perceptions and thus realities.  Indeed, things are never as superficial as they seem. One dress, three different versions and several ways to wear it.  I ´ve chosen two different colors of the same dress, to style it up or down. The minidress is cut halter like, it has an empire waistline and…

The Core

  Exuding heartfelt empathy, the clock had stopped without her knowledge during that very night while her core had been exposed. Style Info Pic 1 An asymmetrical, short ¨chemise¨ style dress with an artsy pattern. The long sleeves are offset by the open keyhole neckline.  The form, pattern and colors make this an outstanding avant-garde dress….

French Christmas Tropical Style

I had a complicated last few days (who hasn´t right?) Nothing that will matter later though. All is solvable but I still got very irritated. After having dented my car against a column –  20 minutes after having been congratulated on it´s ¨impeccable condition¨ –   it was my duty to attend a funeral yesterday.  Funerals and hospitals…