Blossom Dress, long sleeve, airy
Blossoms & Porcelain

Meanwhile, in SL … Landa carries on as if nothing was happening, oblivious to the increasingly uneasy feeling her seemingly complete disconnect spawns in me. At least, her choice of dress is in (very) washable, ethically produced, “peace” silk, making it a favourite for my current RL times.

The Clothes

V-Neck, long-sleeve, light, airy, easy dress, available in 15 colours / 2 versions: Plain and Print (shown) . Baiastice – Blossom Dress. Rowne – Vittoria Leather Tote. ChicChica – Merve Ring. Ane – Zodiac Collection Necklace. Salvadori – Parker Leather Heels in Nude.

The Song

Moby – Porcelain (Reprise Version)

Then and now, this song just moves me in the soundtrack of my life.

“… I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to lie. So this is …”


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  1. Francis.R. says:

    I hope she reconnects soon with the RL Landa, and meanwhile I will always visiting to check in her. Wishing you a nice Spring, dear Landa : )

    1. Dear Francis, so happy to hear from you. I hope that you and yours are doing well. xox

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