A Photo Contest

Wolf’s Calling Photo Studio Access Elevator


Enriching the lives of people, Wolf’s Calling at Nashoba strives to provide comfort, amenities and a friendly atmosphere, with built-in, accessibility for social interaction with an emphasis on giving back with fun and kindness. Hang out with your friends across its many venues; these are there to explore at your convenience.

Three prizes will be awarded in cash




WC Photo Contest Prizes

From stores for shopping and/or renting, SPA, Gym, Yoga and Meditation, to an Art Gallery, outdoor Cafés, Beaches, Swimming, Club Areas, Photo Studio and Gardens, there are many amenities available inside a town center / rural atmosphere made with you in mind.

This month WC at Nashoba is hosting a Photo contest and here are the rules and prizes:


JAN / FEB 2021

  1. Three prices :
    • 1st Place – 1,500L in Cash + an invitation to exhibit your work (photos, paintings, artwork in general) at the VISIONS ART GALLERY located on SIM
    • 2nd Place – 750L in Cash
    • 3rd Place – 375L in Cash
  2. In order to be eligible for winning you must be a member of the WOLF´S CALLING GROUP
  3. THEME: You are to get inspired by WOLF’s CALLING at NASHOBA SIM visuals and create images that suggest the friendly camaraderie found on SIM as well as its beauty.
  4. Sizes accepted / Places : 1024px X 512px or 1024 px X 1024px (with copy and share rights) on any of the following venues on the SIM
    • The Shops area, Café or Promenades
    • The Photo Booth Styling Platform Props
    • Keilani Wellness Center, SPA & GYM (KWC)
    • The Sunrise Bay Pier
    • The Bridge
    • The River
    • The Sunrise Bay Home (open to visitors and guests)
    • The River Home (open to visitors and guests)
    • The Luxury Hut (open to visitors and guests)
    • The Beach Club
    • Any of several Beaches & Gardens
  5. Place the picture on a notecard NAMED: WC PHOTO CONTEST – (your name here) specifying your SL NAME and the inspiration for the picture. i.e “I chose this picture because … .”
  6. Send the notecard to Mog Wolf (Moghwen).
  7. Deadline for submitting your pictures: February 11, 2021 at midnight SLT.

*All participating images must be posted on the WOLF´s CALLING Flickr Account.

Good luck to all and may the best artist win!

WC Message

xox, Landa

We´d Love to Hear from you !

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