Last week I posted pictures on this outfit’s skirt worn with the top of yet another one. This week, –besides becoming a Bartender–, I’ll show you the outfits other side … pants, or leggings to be exact, worn with one of the tops. This one is all in black but it comes with a white collar top as well.

As I stated last week, all the pieces are just really wearable. Although some may attribute this to the designer actually being one of my SL sisters, I would not be saying this if I did not think it was true. Most will attest to that. I love my SMESH and hope you do too!

I don’t wear CATWA mesh heads ever since I was told there was not a chance of ever getting their Sarah head go bento 💔 (yes, ages ago, I know!), but I found this video kind of interesting, although, I do have to admit it was a lot more fun when Berry used to inform us. So, instead of music, here is their information about their high definition new heads. Please do let us know what you think.


Style Info

SMESH – Amy Outfit + Loose Boots. Doux – Jeannie Hair. ChicChica – Rosemary Gimlet drink + Ilana Rings. Luxe – Wrapped Up Choker. Ascendant – Chrome French Nails 04.

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  1. Francis.R. says:

    Seeing how well it matches you I cannot find strange if persons think they were made with you in mind ^^

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