The Colour of Bronze

Delirious fantasies in my imagination; 
not giving in to the heartsick illusion of race.

An eye-opener awakening to the atrocious injustices in time, 
alongside trance-hypnotic narratives of separation.

 A crushing truth to some for WE ARE ALL ONE.

Hayden James – Something About You

Style Info

From JUMO – The majestic, deep and mysterious, Sisi Gown in Devoré. In 10 texture choices. The gown can be worn with or without the trim. Also, available in a Sequinned version. The earrings are included. Available at WIP Event + Faubourg Diamond Ring + the beautiful Marni Skin in Ebony + Lucy Lips (with appliers and BOM options, at the Makeover Room June Round). Stealthic – Ivy Hair. DRD – Dead Religion Headdress. Synnergy BLM Backdrop, free gift at Exorcismus.

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