The shirt can be worn wet or dry


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Baiastice – Csaba Open Shirt + Bikini. Available at UBER. MG – Necklace Tokyo Party. Navy+Cooper – Kaylee Hair. Smesh – Piercings. Ysoral – Luxe Heloise Bracelet. Wednesday+ – Industrial Single Earring. D-Lab – Beer. Location: Sunrise House @Nashoba Beach.

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  1. Francis.R. says:

    In SL is in all places spring? or is like RL where half the world is in autumn, brr, here is a bit cold, take care, Landa. Regards ^^

    1. In SL we go by the North American seasons, but then again it’s been known to snow in June xo

  2. tripx713 says:

    “The shirt can be worn wet or dry”…. or not at all.

    I absolutely love this one.
    Hands down.

    1. Thank you so much. The designer will be thrilled. I think it is great to have those options!

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