Take precautions. Protect yourself but please don’t

Overcoming fear is not an easy task, especially when we are subjected to so much disinformation and what I call “mal-information”.

When I give in to these feelings (and it happens) centring, breathing, balancing, re-framing and choosing love every time, helps me. Does it help you?

Live in

Triangle top and thong bikini with a choice of solid dry (Pic 1) or sheer wet (below & above) textures. It is embellished with metal brooches. Available in 18 colours and 9 bonus colours/ prints with Hide/Show metal brooches & tassels. The Bra and Panties can be worn separately. For Alice, Legacy, Perky, Belleza, Maitreya and Freya Mesh Bodies.



“Papa was a go getter (papa was a go getter) (getter)”

Style Info

Baiastice – Lexy Bikini for sale at FAMESHED May Anniversary Round. AvaWay – Linda Necklace. Izzie’s Eternity Bracelet. Stealthic – Shallows Hair. Ysoral – Luxe Set Bracelet Heloise (Left).

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  1. Francis.R. says:

    One way to avoid fear is remembering that media (now all of them are sensationalist) exaggerate everything. Checking news from opposite point of views and take the middle ground as truth, which I think is akin to your way to look for balance. Greetings, dear Landa n.n

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