Stay Home

When physical (RL) social distance can save lives, virtual worlds, such as SL, can offer the possibility of bringing us closer together and break free from potential or perceived isolation. Here we can still hug, touch, kiss, go to the gym or party … SAFELY.

I have seen long absent users coming back to find a world, that is – unsurprisingly – still alive, and has advanced technologically. As the quarantine period extends, newcomers can be expected to try out SL, perhaps for the first time.

Given the current circumstances, those of us with more experience can make a valid, important difference in other peoples’ lives. Practising kindness, being welcoming and warm to our noobies, returning visitors and to each other, can have a very positive effect that shouldn’t be underestimated. We see the avatar, but we don’t know what the user is going through. So please, consider being kind to one another in this and every realm.

Save Lives

Yesterday I got together with one of my sisters, (Sakira Mirabella, the talented designer behind SMESH), and some friends for an impromptu yoga and exercise session. Although I joked about whether the session would count for my daily practice, exercising in SL can provide visual relaxation as well as an inspiration for your RL avatar to follow suit. This helps us with stress management and good physical form. Not overexerting ourselves to the point of exhaustion is also a good idea, so I also rest if I need to.

A few months ago we put together a Yoga/Exercise/Meditation Centre at Wolf’s Calling. For RL reasons we have not had an opportunity to launch it yet (too much going on), but it is there and ready for your enjoyment. Soon I will be making a post about why it was created alongside pictures of the premises. For now please feel free to visit (click here for landmark). All are welcomed. If you need help, just drop me IM or a Notecard. Peace & Health to all. xox, Landa.

Wishing You Well

I tell the ether all of my desires, and she says

“Maybe another time”

Feng Suave


Style Info

The halter minidress (above) can be worn opaque, on its own, or as a see through cover up. It comes with a colour / print hud with transparency options. The outfit includes a set of ankle bracelets and a Star Choker (not shown). Underneath it, I paired it with a two piece swimsuit, with triangle top and a tiny thong bottom. It comes with prints, colours and transparency control HUD, and you can mix and match the colours/prints of the top and bottom independently of each other. The sexy, low waist chain is included.

SMESH – Samantha Halter Dress + Frida Bikini + Chain Belt + Leaf Choker. PP – Danielle Cuffs in silver. Vanilla Bae – #17 Beach Bae Flip Flops pattern 5. Stealthic – Intrepid Hair.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. chefster60 says:

    Lovely as always

  2. Francis.R. says:

    I consider this global experience while push a bit more, for good and bad, the virtual side of connections. If it will happen kindness is a good suggestion, Landa. Thank you ^^

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Francis. xox

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