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Sheltered Watch

Cut-off jeans skirt, trimmed with lace, and worn with a sequinned and lace halter top. This outfit comes with, surprisingly, the most delicate lace, bikini panties (not shown) which are a dream come true, and even though they are mesh, they do not interfere with the skirt. The skirt also has a wrap around jeans version. The top can be worn in different textures. Both are available in different colour and textures options via HUD.

Thankful Admiration


Style Info

WILD – Daphne Outfit available at SWANK Event for March. WILD STUDIO – Ballet Slippers Lips + Charmed I’m Sure Eyeshadow. ChicChica – White Wine. Truth – Destiny Hair. CAE – Connected Collar. Chop Zuey – In My Heart Earring (on right ear). Yummy – Felicity Ring Set. Wednesday (+) – Industrial Single Earring. ND – Anathy Jeans Sandals.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. GORGEOUS. Yes all caps.

    1. Humbled by your kindness. Thank you very much. Hugs

  2. Francis.R. says:

    The lace and the jean is a great combination!

    1. I agree. So Yin/Yang and balanced.

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