Rushed through the passage
Rocking it all the way up

Style Info

Smesh Belice Leather Jumpsuit + Loose Boots, both with colour (and metal finish) change HUD. Liz – Carpe Diem Sunglasses (handheld). Livia – Azziza Bento Rings. .Shi – Ravel Fabric Necklace. Truth – Livia Hair. Epoque – Menotte de Nuit Bracelets.

Miss Li – My Heart Goes Boom

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  1. Francis.R. says:

    Meanwhile in RL a model walks with a dress made of old newspapers. hehe just kidding, it is just a way to say that the fashion designers from SL are fantastic, makes tempting to go to that world n.n

    1. Hahaha Francis I did wear a gown made of newspapers here once but I can’t find the picture to show you. Hugs my friend xox

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