Neither Here nor There

Like a vibe up and down, 
Like a universal sound;
Ours is a different vibe,
Just a bit (out) of tune.

You and I are connected 
To universal events,
Anything that changes the vibe or 
The music of the universe 
Affects us.


Style Info

Asymmetric Bustier and Mini Skirt with optional modesty panty. For Lara and Legacy mesh bodies only.

Ghee – Crystal Bustier + Skirt. Livia – Azziza Bento Rings. AvaWay – Meow Necklaces. Giz Seorn – Spiky Fur. Yummy – Double Heart Studs. Maitreya – Devi Booties.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Francis.R. says:

    A bit out of tune can be funny! Interesting outfit, nice and original : )

    1. A bit out of tune, makes it interesting too I believe. Thank you Francis for your comments and your visit. xox

  2. tripx713 says:

    Love the nip slip, or how is it they say…..
    Wardrobe malfunction in the second shot.

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