The New 20s

Cheers to all of you!

Crossing over into the “new” 20’s, and realising so many things have happened and changed, I take a look back at my only decade in SL.

  • I first heard of SL while fine dining atop a mountain in a foreign country
  • My SL life would extend beyond its first 72, intended, and experimental hours
  • On the day I was to leave, something clicked. I stayed. My life would never be the same again
  • My RL brother followed
  • Back then, we were greeted by the avatar of our ‘creator’ in that inevitable away mode
  • Most Avatars I saw wore top hats, tie dyed shirts, steampunk outfits, hippie revivals, huge frothy formal gowns or wings
  • There were freebies, lots of freebies
  • When I was looking for RL, I found SL.
  • I met them
  • I lost one, then another. The former for all the wrong reasons
  • I got hurt, and I hurt. Many times. I am sure not deliberately
  • I smoked a giant joint and passed it around to anyone who would accept it. I don’t do drugs in RL
  • I ran into Georgio Armani’s and Nick Rhodes’ Avatars. SL was the new frontier
  • I gave birth to four prim babies and adopted two young avatars. I am childless in RL
  • I worked hard. I wrote for a newspaper, managed a magazine and wrote for another one while keeping my RL job
  • I had one great boss and I still miss him
  • I learnt that we can’t help but bring ourselves into SL, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Bringing with us our best and our worst as the imperfect humans we are to a world that could be closer to perfection
  • I started a blog because I enjoy it
  • I wrote Fashion Show Scripts for two modelling agencies
  • I made new friends and some of them crossed over into RL, but I also learnt to get as far away as possible from toxic, confrontational people, those who are fake or try to take advantage of you. I still do
  • I was featured in magazines and earned an award
  • I realised I’m not good at PR or politics. I am too transparent
  • I tried Tibetan bowls therapy in SL and ended up in the hospital; in RL. Apparently it was to have a purging effect. “I should have warned you…” he said a few days too late
  • I danced and laughed and partied but I also spent most time working alone
  • I had a great time with my SL family, even those who are no longer in SL or who are no longer my family. I thank them all because they made my SL
  • I took sides when I should have not
  • Other people took my side but one went missing
  • I tried to make my Avi, not perfect, but as close to my RL self as possible, flaws and all. I realise I will always fail at that
  • I carried my laptop while RL travelling just so that I could stay connected in SL
  • I bid farewell to a few friends, family and co-workers, designers and creators that I will forever miss
  • I had a few riffs
  • I learnt to forgive and let go but also to pay attention to who I hold on to
  • I travelled in SL and visited many places. Some of them are gone and I miss them. Some of them are new and I love them. Some of them are there, and they still make me smile
  • We went from system avatar to mesh to BOM. I have yet to BOM
  • I learnt to SL-Sail
  • I learnt to cook in RL while my Avatar was cooking in SL
  • The day my RL pet passed away, her SL clone disappeared. On its own. By itself
  • I was a runway model in SL just as I had been in RL. I got bored, just like in RL. But those friendships remain.
  • I met many people throughout all walks of life, but I will never forget the RL Hospital Janitor who ever so kindly gifted me my first skin so that I would not look so much like a noob. That changed my SL life
  • Nor will I ever forget the lady who gave me my first hair for the same reasons
  • I learnt to wear a hat and over accessorise in order to “fit in”. Then I stopped caring about what people think
  • I spoke in tongues and learnt Typonese. It comes in handy
  • When I was looking for SL, I found RL
  • I met you. You made me happy
  • I jumped from joy because you smiled and you are there
  • And you were good and you were kind and you were YOU and WE arrived

Thank you for walking alongside me throughout ten brilliant years in SL and in RL. Cheers to all of you!

Much love, xox, Landa

Style Info

Gown and shawl with shimmering sparkle effect. Optional panty included. For Freya, Hourglass, Lara and Legacy mesh bodies. Ghee – Elkie Gown & Shawl + Ghee Pearl Drop Earrings at Sense Event until January 6, 2020. Stealthic – Allure hair. ChicChica – Duda Heels + Raspberry Chammy.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. tripx713 says:

    This blog is neither SL nor RL, but it just is. I met you here and you have affected my life as well, both here and RL.
    I also know typonese. I chuckled when I read that. Thank you for baring your soul here, and nearly baring your avi here as well. I for one appreciate you and all you share here.

    1. “This blog is neither SL nor RL, but it just is”. I think you are so right and it would explain a lot about both me and the blog.Thank you so much for your kind words and loyalty Trip. So humbled.

  2. Francis.R. says:

    It is quite a journey! I am grateful for having known you in a meaningful way. Although neither SL or RL reading you is always a kind of special communication. Wishing you a, belated, new year with your beauty and style but specially much happiness. A hug from far away, dear Landa.

    1. Neither RL nor SL but soul. I am grateful for you too.Happy, happy new decade to you my dear Francis.

  3. beautifully said and stated!! I missed this one so am a bit late. Love the image!

    1. Thank you so much! I am also running way behind on blogging and on checking other blogs. I hope I get back on track soon. Sending you a big hug. ox

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