Charlottesville Elle

Blaming the Outside for What One Carries Inside
Blaming wondrous virtual places  for the unexplored rooms 
inside the self, he decided to leave; in a flash, then faded.
Easier than peering back into the fleeting void.
Consciously unaware that one can’t escape the soul,
nor the baggage appended,
even after the dust has settled in its immortal glow.

(Inspired on a conversation I held last night).

Style Info

Silky, rounded cut miniskirt with a beautiful pullover in both silk or cable knit textures and a colour and transparency HUD. For Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, Isis and Hourglass. Worn with sharp leather boots for Maitreya, SLink and Hourglass. Smesh – Elle Outfit. Heels – 2-Pack Charlottesville Boots in Black. Evolving Images – Yin Headstone (used as a prop). Both originally available at SCALA™️ Yin/Yang Event. Kibitz – Mystical Stars Necklace in Gold. Doux – Earth Hair.

Cristina Aguilera – Haunted Heart

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Francis.R. says:

    It has to be quite an interesting conversation! And it inspired a great portrait : )

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