Hiding Behind the Moon
Rising from her apathy
Drifting out unharmed ...
The moon sways
When the Timing Is Right

This little net dress with tassels on the slits, the leather top and thong, can be worn separately or as shown. Matching those on the super high platform shoes, the gloves and the chocker, the bikini comes in 6 different colours via HUD. The shoes, gloves and choker are sold separately. Ghee – Delilah Leather Bikini and Fishnet Dress + Fingerless Bento Gloves + Choker, available at The Darkness Event until August 28. Magika Hair – Nina. Swallow – Eros Earrings. Gosh! Fingers & Toesies – Goldie But Goodie Manicure.

Alacran – Reflejo de luna

¨You are colour. You are warmth. You are sound in my heart. Hands of light. Moon reflection…¨

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  1. tripx713 says:

    Great outfit! Love the aloof look. Leaves just enough for an active imagination.

  2. Francis.R. says:

    Made me think in Vicky Vale in Bruce Wayne’s manor. In the Tim Burton movie of Batman. Absolutely lovely, Landa. Thank you ^_^

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