Happy Birthday SL!

Sl baby says: Let´s be nice to noobies for we were once them

The very first time I heard about SL I was having dinner in a restaurant atop a mountain while in another country and far away from home. The ambiance was cosy and the food delicious; the conversation was going and then someone mentioned the word. I had never heard of anything like that. I felt, like a fish out of the water, and I got curious. My head just could not fathom the existence of another ‘world’ created by humans. Once I came back from my holiday, I went in.

A purple dinosaur among other things

In what seemed to me like “The 13th Floor” kind of place, my first avatar, named Nikita – one thing or another –, was alive for about 3 months and on for about 3 days, – to the best of my knowledge –, before I got seriously scared by a talking purple dinosaur, among other things. I signed out for ‘good’ to a warning stating that if I was to come back I would have to pay, as a free avatar wouldt no longer be available to me. It must have been circa 2004 or 2005. The learning curve, the disorientation and what felt to me, at the time, like a rampant chaos of sorts made me feel like I had had enough and I left.

Our collective ‘birth’ day

At sixteen SL was, and continues to be, an adventure, full of uncertainties, the known and the unknown; things left to learn and share with space for inner growth. Perhaps this is why I came back to stay several years later, and although we each have our individual Rez Days, this celebration is, in a way, the collective ‘birth’ day of what we call home. Sixteen years of living, loving, laughing, crying, joking, sharing, learning, building, making, fighting, bickering, creating and thriving in a world that we never thought possible but is. That’s a pretty long time to me. Happy Birthday SL! May it go on for many more years to come. xoxo, Landa

Bellisseria Jacket at SLB16

Bellisseria Jacket SL16B courtesy of Mille MilleBliss at the Bellisseria Citizen Group. Maitreya – High Waisted Shorts #3. Pure Poison – Roller Skates Aline. Ane – Zodiak Collection. Magika Hair – Victoria.

Click here for a link to the SL16B calendar of events.

Evolution of the Avi! by Maddie Wyatt Videos

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  1. tripx713 says:

    Love the skates! No need to mention the fantastic legs and the sexy booty in those hot shorts, but you know me….I gotta mention it.
    Great look!

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