A Sweet Kind of Naoko

Byrne Naoko III
Versions of reality

Short, open, mini kimono and over-the-knee stiletto boots. The Asian, silky, floral design is materials enabled and comes in 4 colours; red, pink, blue and purple.

Byrne – Naoko in Red (Kimono + Boots) Breasts Tattoos (part of Misaki outfit). Erratic – Justine Bikini Bottom.  Liz – Flower Earrings. Abiss – Lauren Bed + The Apartment skybox.

Byrne Naoko
They can still be sweet

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Perhaps your sexiest post ever

    1. TYSM. I usually don´t but the outfit kind of had to have it. 🙃

  2. Understood. There are outfits that seem to be made just for you.

    1. 😘 Grateful for your comment

  3. tripx713 says:

    Racy and sexy. Very revealing without being trashy.

    1. tripx713 says:

      You are very welcome

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