Isadora´s Wish


As some of you can probably tell, I am writing this post from my Linden boathouse at the new and beautiful Bellisseria continent. Although not as striking as the one I visited up north – belonging to my long time private SIM neighbour – I do find good reasons to fall in love with it, every day.

Decorating it has been a joy, and I am almost done. As a plus, a few days ago, a runway and dock magically sprouted diagonal to me. The place is alive and it gives you a real sense of community. So, what more could a virtual girl ask for, right? Well, how about the free lifetime updates to the TMP Deluxe Mesh Body as promised on their sales pitch and which perhaps, made it seem like a good idea to part with 5K Lindens to purchase it at the time? Those bodies eventually ended up on sale last year for about 500L.

I have learnt the option to update to Bento was temporarily available to Deluxe Body owners by way of product re-delivery. Nonetheless, if we want it now, I’m afraid the option is nowhere to be found unless we pay 2.5K crisp new Lindens. I do hope I am mistaken and if I am I will be happy to let you know.

In the meantime this got me into thinking that just as I fall in love all over again with the boathouse on a daily basis, the love affair with the Maitreya Mesh Body continues to be renewed and reinforced in both my heart and head. Uncomplicated, reliable, supportive, splendid, in fashion and always on time; just like that great, wonderful, lover we’ve all had. xox, Landa

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Style Info

Ghee – Isadora Outfit in Granite @ Sense Event until May 8th. A beautiful East inspired set of asymmetrical top and skirt available in several colours. Maitreya – Mesh Body. Truth – Horizon Hair. Liz – Flower Earrings. K – Boho Bento Rings. Dust Bunny – Living Room. Abyss – Kitchen. Trompe L´oeil – Lamp. One Grid – Love Letters wall piece.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Baby!

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  1. ChefLew says:

    Agreed with this and the work you do is exceptional. I own a full sim but starting to consider the same as you. Great work again.

    1. I still keep a place for work in a private SIM, but my SL life is definitely now at the boathouse, it is so alive. Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean the world to me. Let me know if you decide to grab one of the houses. xox

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