Dandy Girl

GZ Dandy
First to arrive

Although surely inspired by men´s tailoring, the Dandy Girl look is not androgynous. The neckline is an open invitation to highlight our femininity. The result is an interesting juxtaposition of sorts; as elegant, playful or melodramatic as one wishes it to be.


This Gacha outfit, comes in 20 jacket options – 3 of them rare – and 10 skinny pants.  Giz Seorn – Dandy Girl Gacha @The Epiphany.

Pic 1 – Dandy Girl Gacha Embellished Jacket (number 14) and Pants in Beige (Number 29). RE – Monroe Earrings + Clutch. Boudoir – Birdcage Top Hat + Beautiful Wedding Venue. Tram – F28 Hair. Maitreya Gold – Liaison Pumps in Purple. Jumo – Alexa Lips Lipstick + Spring Crayon Eyeshadow.

The Femguin

Pic 2 – Dandy Girl Embellished Jacket (Rare number 1)  and Pants (number 21). ChicChica – Cinderella pumps in black. Chop Zuey – Something Wicked Choker.  DDD – Vintage Cigarette Holder with Cigarette.  Truth – Batty Hair. Jumo – Fabulous Eyeliner + Extreme Red Lips.

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