Stump on

Dark particles of interstellar dust

Tentacles. Really?

We Are All Astronauts – Ether

Style Info

This cute cyberpunk look comprises a flirtatious belted mini skirt and a buttoned vest top.  It comes in 2 editions – shiny latex and sensual leather – each with 8 colour options included via HUD. The chunky platform Siren Boots (sold separately) come with a 12 colour HUD to mix & match the colours between the main boot and the straps to suit your style.

Ghee – Siren Boots + Siren Suit – Leather Edition @The Darkness Event. ::SG:: – Domus Ring. TRUTH – Reyane Hair. Wicca’s Wardrobe – Tracer Hair (worn as a headpiece).  Jumo – Eyeliner.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. The V Pub says:

    Sci fi and fashion- a great mix👍

    1. hehe V Pub, they actually do! Thank you so much for commenting ❤️

  2. Francis.R. says:

    You make me think in a beautiful Pris, in a Blade Runner world that ended happy. ^~^

    1. Happy is always a great ending Francis! xo

  3. Daryl Hanna popped to mind- Blade Runner ilk and all. love the video!

    1. I´m so happy for that Cybele. Thank you so much. And here I thought nobody watched the videos! Hugs my friend

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