Code Ready

Ghee Cage
Codes readied for activation; then the truth will set us free.

Minds deeply set on outdated and constraining modes, pursuing an endless supply of massive, unquestioning submission; akin to the avoidance of thought, of will and sense of feel. Contributing almost voluntarily to the perpetual imprisonment of slaves inside this system´s  awful cage.

The heart remembers the freedom to ascend and its right to transcend

Half Alive – Still Feel

Style Info

I found this dress adorable, truly inspiring, and not just because of the intricacy of design. The harness like dress, moved alongside my body´s turns and bends quite naturally. The outfit comes with a set of full make-up and a bodysuit in several nude shades that you can change with a HUD to match or contrast to your skin tone. Both are Omega Applier ready.

Several years ago in RL, and in spite of my best efforts to track them on my size,  I was not able to acquire YSL´s Cage Shoes in any of their colours or styles; they sold-out so quickly. Years later and to my delight in SL, I found these cage ankle boots included with the outfit. Mine at last❣️and now a classic.

Ghee – Caged Mini Dress Outfit + Boots @SenseEvent. Giz Seorn – Wild Seduction Earwear. SG – Domus Ring. Lelutka – Cassie Hair.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    That’s an amazing outfit, Sis!

    1. TYSM brother. Big hug to you!

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