Back Home and Smoking Under Water

In RL, I love to use scarves, either on their own or tied together to make different and atemporal, clothing items depending upon the weather. Yes, I agree, in a previous lifetime, I must have travelled by caravan, translating either as the Bohème that I believe to be or ¨that woman with the quirky sense of style¨ that some, perhaps rightfully, think I am.

As pictured above, we can now do the same in SL. Well, at least sort of. Try this one out and, perhaps you will want to do it in RL too; any beautiful scarf will do!

Sounds like smoking under water, I know, but once you get the hang of it, you´ll say it´s just as easy as riding the next big wave. Did I mention I´ve been dry surfing in RL? I love every minute of it. Have you? Let us know.

Señor Loop – Daígoro

Style Info

Giz Seorn – Dulcie Hanky Top @ Cosmopolitan Event + Frilly Hot Pants (see them here). Azoury – Excellence Ring and Necklace. Miel – Friendo Bracelet.  Rama Salon – Carly Hair.




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  1. Francis.R. says:

    I have never did dry surfing🏄‍♀️, and actually neither normal surfing 😂 but I like to surf in the dunes of the desert. Thank you, Caravan lady 🌟💁‍♀️🐫 ^_^

      1. Francis.R. says:

        I mentioned it wrong, my bad /n\ it is sandboarding, here this is from Huacachina in Ica that is a region close to Lima. I would like to go to there someday. Hugs, dear Landa. ^-^

      2. I got you Francis! txs 🙂

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