Nora´s Timelines


The gesture was precise and deliberate, as if she’d had enough.

She slid through the doors into a different timeline.

Gasping for air, she knew not to return.

This outfit seems to have a foot over two different timelines; perhaps, Nora´s Timelines. The pants, which are gathered at the waist and tied with a sash in the same fabric, and the cache coeur shirt, are separates. They can be worn in different colours that can be mixed and matched. But, if we choose to wear them in monochrome as above, the effect changes to that of a jumpsuit. The flower print pumps, and a Peekaboo style handbag put the seal of spring on it.

Giz Seorn – Nora Outfit, available in twenty-two colours plus five printed additional ones available in the Fatpack. For Belleza, Maitreya and SLink mesh bodies @Black Fair + Loubou Printed Heels. Luxe – Riri Diamond Necklace.  Rowne – Vittoria Leather Tote.  Rama Salon – Gina Hair.

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