Light, Ruffles and Lace


Dwelling still down inside, shining outwards and up. She had once seen the light and, the light had been strong.

Behind Shades in Light Ruffles and Lace.

Style Info

These two very different outfits are ruffled in strategic places, adding a dose of sexy playfulness to both styles.

The first is a mix of several influences with the deep ruffled V neckline reminiscent of those in vogue during the 70s. The super short pants are cut high on the waist, and ruffled alongside the lower edge.  A sure wink to the 80s which is also displayed on the New Romantics long sleeves, popular of that era. Available in twenty colours with mix and match options for the bottoms and top. Single colour purchases do not include the HUD. Giz Seorn – Birdie Bodysuit @Sense Event* . Ghee – Croc Tote in graphite.  Azoury – Sahel Boots in Onyx.

The second outfit is a delightful combination of light, ruffles and lace. Full of movement, the slanted ruffled skirt goes all the way to the waist. The top is a see-through lace, cropped corset of  mid-80s inspiration. It comes with a HUD so that you can change the colours of the ruffles and the straps of the corset. The skirt is available in eighteen colours and the corset in sixteen. For Maitreya, SLink and Belleza mesh bodies. Giz Seorn – Serenity Lace Corset + Skirt, originally sold at the Cosmopolitan Event,  it is now for sale at their Mainstore.  K– Boho Ring Collection.

Hair in this story by Wasabi Pills (Leilani). Ghee – Polished Seashell Shades. Swallow – Savannah Necklace.

*Just updated where you can get the Birdie Bodysuit!



5 Comments Add yours

    1. Thank you very much TLAB xo

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Ah, nice things from Giz! I wish she would make some more men’s apparel, I’ve got everything from her but can always use some more 🙂

    1. She has a dedicated male section now in her re-branded mainstore, so perhaps she will!

  2. Francis.R. says:

    Glasses to protect you from the paparazzi. B-)

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