World of Duality

Darkness Prevails

The world of duality is also reflected in our virtual world. This glittering, zebra print, miniskirt, attaches to the triangles-top with criss-cross strings and, completely exposes the contours of your back.

The outfits come with two versions for different positions on it´s matching set of wings and winged crown. It also comes with omega appliers for light and dark lips which you can wear, depending on your mesh head´s lip shape. Available @Swank Event. 

And, if in this world of duality, you are looking for something colourful – you know, maybe to balance things out a bit – then check out Byrne´s April VIP gift here!

Just Not for Long

Pic 1

Byrne – ZeAngel in Black. Yummy – Embellished Key Necklace + Geometric Ring. Lelutka – Hair.

Pic 2

Byrne – ZeAngel in White. Luxe – Riri Necklaces. SG – Domus Ring. Tableau Vivant – Side Pony & Locks hair.




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  1. Tartiste says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:

    1. Thank you Tariste. So glad you liked it! xo

  2. Francis.R. says:

    Two facets. Here in our beliefs the duality is another shape of the unity. We have inside both sides that like to play and be the main character from time to time. But I suspect I am a devil in one facet and an even worse devil in the other one. hehe, no! j/k ^_^

    1. To me it´s a reminder to walk on the middle path perhaps?

      1. Francis.R. says:

        Yes, as well, there is balance when we accept the dualities inside us. : )

      2. Concur! it´s not a good thing to repress one side. We need to look it in the eye and harness it. For this we must accept our truth. Very wise Francis. Thank you for your contribution. It got me thinking about archetypes and from there another post was born! Again thank you.

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